Terms and conditions

Book a Trek/Weekend Getaway: The Booking of any of our product can be done either through online transaction or through a consultant whose number will be mentioned for that particular trek/Weekend getaway. Any other medium will not be entertained.

Disclaimer:  For all Treks and Adventure activities mentioned in Weekend Getaways, the customer has to sign a disclaimer hereby declaring that The Raithal Homestay will not be responsible in case of any misfortune.

Customer Safety: We go by the Words “Your Safety is our Priority” In accordance to that, it is imperative for all individuals / Customers to carefully go as per the instructions given by The Raithal Homestay team, In case of injury due to abiding any of the instruction we will not be held responsible.

Privacy policy: We have a separate privacy policy which clearly indicates the do’s and Don’ts and individuals must stick to that.

Cancellation Policy: We have a clear cancellation Policy which will withstand on all conditions. Anyone giving assurance less or more than the quoted amount must not be entertained. Also in case of cancellation of any trek/weekend getaway ,the individual will not be eligible for any refund.

Payments: The Raithal Homestay has a clear Payment policy one must abide to it. In case the payment has been done partially the remaining amount should be paid 12 hours prior to the completion of the trip.

Facilities: All our inclusion are well mentioned in all our itineraries. The customer will be charged extra for facilities other than the mentioned facilities. 

Medical illness: In case of any medical illness or casualty during the trek / Weekend Getaways, The Raithal Homestay team will make arrangements to the nearby medical facility but the expenses has to be paid by the individual.

Environment Policy:The Raithal Homestay has a very strict policies related to the wellness of the environment. We follow a No litter policy at all our campsites and Weekend Getaways. Anyone abiding any such policy may be fined and also may result in cancellation of his/her tour.

Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided only to the concerned and registered individual. Individual does not hold the right to share the details.